Ric Schumacher Ministries

     Reverend Schumacher is available for spiritual counseling or life coaching. To schedule your personal session fill out the form to the left. Use the comments section to indicate whether you are seeking spiritual counseling or life coaching. In addition, you may provide a brief explanation of your current need thus saving valuable session time. Choose a preferred time and date for your session. Consider your time and date as tentative until confirmed in writingto the email address provided.  The fee for your fifty minute session is  $125.00 and can be made through Paypal link below. The required fee must be received before the session begins.

     Spiritual counseling is not psychological counseling, but rather reflective listening and faith-filled prayer, that helps remind an individual that we are immersed in Spirit and God is always present in every situation, as a constant resource and a mirror to guide us in what needs to be healed or learned. Spiritual Counseling helps an individual relate spiritual principles and law to stories and situations that they find themselves in. Through this internal processing blocks are removed from our awareness, revealing a deeper understanding and connection in our life. You can search the world for your answers, but until you truly understand yourself and the way you silently, and unknowingly, engage the laws of the universe, the happiness, self-love, inner wisdom, peace and enlightenment you seek will most likely evade you.
How Does Spiritual Counseling Work
     While listening, your spiritual counselor will ask you gentle questions and reflect thoughts back to you. This will help you clarify in your own mind the issues before you. Your spiritual counselor does not offer specific solutions nor will he/she attempt to “fix” your problem. Instead, you will be encouraged to reach within yourself to your own inner guide to find your own best solution. As with other kinds of counseling, spiritual counseling affords you the opportunity to talk in confidence with someone who will hear you fully without exercising any form of personal judgment. Simply by being allowed to tell your story in your own words you will begin to feel great relief and comfort.
     You are immersed in God’s Presence and with each breath you take you are filled by the Wisdom and Life of God; therefore you are never separate from God. In God’s eye you are filled with infinite potential and blessed with the abundance and wonder of life. This Infinite potential fills your being is a creative power that can solve any problem you face. Simply by shifting your attention away from the “external problem” to this “inner potential” will allow this wonderful, creative power to bring forth solutions that are in your highest and best interest. A Spiritual Counselor assists you in tapping into this “inner power.”

      Life coaching is available for longer-term support. Your coach has a wealth of experience and wisdom from a wide spectrum of spiritual practices and disciplines. Through your work with a life coach, you will experience accelerated learning and increased awareness and perspective. Your self-limiting beliefs will have less impact in and on your life. Your coach will help you explore:

  • What would it be like for you to view yourself as creative, resourceful and whole?
  • How would your life be different if you trusted that the answers to all of your questions were within you? 
  • How confident would you be if you knew how to tap into this inner wisdom? 


Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching