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In today’s information driven society, the worldwide viral spread of ideas can take place instantly via the internet. In the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth century, ideas moved a little more slowly. But the viral analogy is appropriate here too. This book will connect the proponents of the ideas under consideration by demonstrating their contact with each other and thus allowing the ideas to spread the across the country. The connection among the key leaders of the New Thought Movement will be exposed in the following three ways. The linkages will be shown first, through physical proximity to one another, second, through documented patient-healer relationship or student-teacher relationships, and third in one specific instance through a business relationship and marriage. Tracing the ideas from the Transcendentalists to Modern New Thought can only be accomplished through showing the thread of the ideas under consideration running through the writing of the transcendentalists and founders of New Thought. Their writings are links in the chain of progressive Christian thought that stretches from the early 1800s to today.

American Transcendentalism: The Roots of New Thought Christianity [Kindle Edition]

Album Notes
Meditations by the Sea is a collection of metaphysical or spiritually oriented poems written over many years. They reflect the differing styles and moods of a consciousness unfolding. They are some of the author’s favorites pieces. Author Ric Schumacher has been published internationally. The Hope of Glory was first published in Daily Wordâ magazine. Trinities, On Flying, and What I Am were published in Unity Magazine. 

This CD is a collection of metaphysical or spiritual poetry spoken by the poet over the sound of the sea kissing the shoreline as the sound of gulls call us to something deeper.
Genre: Spoken Word: Poetry
Release Date: 2006

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